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How long does the wrap last on a vehicle? 
You can expect your vehicle's wrap to last between 5- 7 years. 
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Does the wrap damage the vehicle? 
No. The materials we use are fully removable and actually prevent much of the everyday damage inflicted on the car's paintwork such as abrasion & UV fading. 
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Is the wrap easily removed? 
Yes, the wrap is very quick & easy to remove & we guarantee that the wrap will not damage the vehicle. 
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Can you wrap large vehicles such as buses, lorries and trains? 
Yes, we can wrap virtually any vehicle see our portfolio for examples of wrapped vehicles. We can even wrap cement mixers. In fact, any object can be wrapped. 
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Do you supply print only? 
Yes, we can supply print according to your needs, please see the vehicle wrap printing infprmation. 
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Could I show you a flat design/drawing and you show me what it would look like on a vehicle? 
Yes, we have highly skilled staff who can take any design you gave them & turn it into a suitable design for a wrap. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your design & vision is achieved. 
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How long will it take to wrap a car? 
This depends on the make of vehicle & the amount of people wrapping it. As a rough guide 3 Ad-wraps™ fitters can wrap 3 smart cars or minis in one day, or one Sprinter van. It is an even quicker process to remove the wrap. 
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